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If you are an experienced stock shooter, you may find that what you knew years ago no longer applies today. Perhaps some of the following statements may seem elementary. Still, you would be surprised how many people today want to sell their images and are asking straightforward questions so as not to make mistakes.

Stock photography is the business of licensing images. Licensing an image grants someone the right to use your image for advertising, informative, decorative, or any other possible use. It is essential to know that even though a client may have obtained a license for the use of your photograph, its rights continue to belong to you, the person who took it.

As the author of a photograph, you have different licensing options, but on this web page, we will concentrate on only one; but if you want to know others, you can visit www.agefotostock.com and browse their contributor's pages.

easyFotostock Low Budget Royalty Free (LBRF) is a kind of Royalty Free model that agefotostock introduced a few years ago in response to a wave of lower stock photography prices. The concept aimed to generate income by accumulating sales at lower unit prices thanks to a massive offer into the Internet possibilities. The economy of scales created in photography thanks to technological developments and photographers' decision to accept lower prices for their work was the main reason for agefotostock to introduce this LBRF model, branded "easyFotostock."

Nonetheless, easyFotostock keeps genuine stock photography rules. It licenses individual images, as opposed to selling credits, but sells subscriptions, giving clients the right to download a predetermined number of images daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly. Even though still easyFotostock yields a bit better final pricing and keeps a higher (50%) income split with photographers.  

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