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What is easyFotostock

Low Budget Royalty Free (LBRF) is an images licensing model created by agefotostock ( to distribute photos generating volume sales.
Our LBRF model, branded “easyFotostock,” keeps the stock photography rules; it licenses individual images and subscription plans without the need of buying "credits" that only favors those that sell them but never the photographers or the clients. easyFotostock offers low prices to clients while allowing for reasonable working conditions and rates for photographers in a moment when the business model in stock photography has changed dramatically. 

What Stock Photography means now?

If you are an experienced stock shooter, you may find that what you learned years ago no longer applies today. Perhaps some of the following statements may seem elementary, but you would be surprised how many people today want to sell their images and are asking straightforward questions so as not to make mistakes.

Stock photography is the business of licensing images. Licensing an image is granting someone the right to use it for advertising, news and press, decorative, publishing in the end for imaginable use.  

How to become an easyFotostock photographer? 

1. Fill out and sign the contract.

2. Send us the full contract signed with your initials on every page

3. Along with a photocopy of one ID document

4. Use email to send everything to 

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How to send your content?

1. You, will receive FTP credentials to upload your images to our FTP Servers (, as son as we get your signed contract.

2. In the FTP area there will different folder waiting for your easyFotostock images, Videos, Vectors EPS.
3. CAUTION: the content sent outside these folders won’t be processed.

4. You will receive an email after processing the images telling you that we have received them, whether images, videos or vectors. 


Before sending images, videos or vectors, please carefully read the complete guidelines:

How does the process continue?

• In the next days the content will be edited.

• The photographer will receive an email with the info of the edition.

• We will check that the metadata is OK.

• We will check if model or property release is needed and request you to send us a copy

• We will send an email requesting captions or keywords information if necessary.

• The photos will be uploaded to the web once the process is finished. 


For more information regarding how to prepare and send your content, licenses, keywording or legal issues, please visit our informational section.

If you have any doubts, or need further information, please contact